Ideal Wall Mount Bed

Mar 30th

A head wall mount bed, also called a floating or hanging headboard is ideal for adding one to bed without having to attach to the legs of the bed. Headers murals are also more flexible than other types, allowing you to easily change the headboards, and are easy to do so you can renew the bed whenever you want.

wall mount bed pillows

Measure the width of the wall mount bed and decide on the height of the header. Wide standard for single beds are 39 inches, the doubles are 54 inches, 60 inches 76 inches queens and kings. Add about 2 inches to the width of the bed and cut two pieces of wood 2 by 2 for this measurement. This ensures that the head will be the same width as the bed once the bed is put on.

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Secure the fastening system to the wall with screws driven through each point of asparagus. Hang the headboard on the cleat on the wall so that the head is flat against the wall and centered over wall mount bed. Secure the head of the cleat with screws driven through the upper part of the head, back in the wall attachment system.

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Wall Mount Bed With Style

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