Build Short Loft Bed With Storage

Mar 23rd

Organize your four beams in a rectangle with the shortest in the longer beams beams. The four beams must rest on the narrow (width of 2 inches) face.  Short  Loft Bed have Second Screw the rectangle with two wood screws per joint. Insert screws through the side of the longer beam and in the center of the end of the shorter beam. Third place the sheet of plywood on top of the frame so that all sides are flush. Forth screw the sheet in place with a screw per corner, driven through the plywood into the beam below.

Top Short Loft Bed
Top Short Loft Bed

Mount the frame

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Move all components in the bedroom where you want to install the short loft bed. Move the pieces will be much easier to move the bed fully assembled. Then establish a spot in the corner of your frame. After that screw the post in place with four wood screws driven through the plywood and the end of the post. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for the other three legs. Set up the framework on all fours.

Then connect the two poles on the long side of the nearest to the wall with a 72-inch plank short loft bed. Place the plank so that the bottom edge is 36 centimeters above the ground. Attach to posts with three screws per connection, driven in a diagonal across the rectangle formed by overlapping board and post. Place a second table 72 inches inside the same position, flush with the first table. And the last strengthening one short end with two 36-inch boards that connect the two posts. Install them on opposite sides of the messages, as did 72-inch planks, placed with the lower edges centimeters above the ground. Do the same with the other short end.

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Short  Loft Bed The Best Creation

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